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I am literally in awe. To have just a smidge of that level of talent, or a shred of the paper that wraps the gift... amazing. I want to see more of each piece. The self-portrait looks incredible. I adore the grass in his mouth. Thank you for catching us up, Mary. You're both inspiring talents.

Mary, I always considered myself a person who hasn't a jealous bone in her body. Because I believe everyone gets what is for them. But I have to say, I wished with my whole heart that I could have been you for that small period of time. Just to see with my own eyes these magnificent pieces, to see the colours, to smell the air, to see and talk to him.

But I am really, really glad that you are doing this year long journey with Scott. Thank you for you perfect pictures. And Scott thank you for you willingness to share.

Let 2010 be the year of forfilled wishes.

xox Elizabeth

Hej Mary,

Have a question. Is it possible to buy a photo of Scott's work?

xox Elizabeth

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