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Happy New Year, Mary. I do hope you are able to find that energy you are looking for. I decided all I wanted to do was get to the end of this year and feel proud of myself. Like I'd lived it as fully as I was capable of living it.

Nicely put! My 40th is this year. xxx

Happy New Year Mary! I turn 50 this year too. Almost wrote next year - like that would hold it back a bit because I don't feel nearly 50. Not sure what 50 is supposed to be but I'm sure we'll make it up as we go.

Here's to a good 2013!

l feel a little the same. bout 2012..a mixture of hard and good times.
.helping us to become a little wiser...hopefully.
This year health is the big issue above all else..at 53 l feel time is getting shorter ...and l definitely need more energy to make the most of it.
move more.

2012 was a mixed bag. ne of the good things was catching up with you again. I do hope we see each other in 2013. You amaze me Mary.

Happy New Year! We watched fireworks from our bedroom window last night. It was snowing so the sky was completely bright. I'm ready for 2013, like you, not regretting 2012, but ready to amble to the next thing. Your photos are beautiful, and 50 will be wonderful! xo

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